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Did you take a middle-high dose of Abilify for a short period?


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I create this post for those who took more than 5 mg of Abilify (Aripiprazole) in relatively short period of time (like few months) as I see no other post was created according to these conditions.


I'd like to know about concrete withdrawal symptoms these conditions caused, how much lasted and what you did to improve or shorten them.


  • Early November 2016: Started with Abilify 15 mg daily with Olanzapine.

Mid-November 2016: Abilify dosage  reduced to 10 mg.

22 November 2016: Finished with Olanzapine; continued with Abilify and Lormetacepan 2 mg.

26 December 2016: Finished with Abilify cold-turkey without discontinuations neither reinstatements.

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