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Has anyone recovered from zyprexa withdrawal? How do they feel? I used a few months upon withdrawal I experienced akathasia and anxiety which now lifted as well as dp/dr now better. I also had a myoclonus which feel a little better but I don't feel I'm back 100% what is affraying most is that I heard about brain shrinkage because of these drugs and the possibility of tardive psychosis. Anyone experienced that ? Can we heal after this and recover a healthy brain ?

Thank you

2004-2007 paxil

2015- zoloft 3 months zyprexa 3 months lexapro 3 months xanax

Med free since Feb 28th 2017

Mostly experiencing PSSD

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Yeah, I think my brained shrinked too. I can´t sleep at night properly. I just bought 2 kg of walnuts, will see what happens.

Haloperidol, Diazepam, Depakote, Olanzapine, Chlorprothixen (ouch) - For 1 month, then all these drugs plus Flupenthixol (Fluanxol) for 2 months.

Quit cold turkey - no withdrawal symptoms, can recommend antipsychotic cold turkey withdrawal. Antidepressants probably not, even though I was not on them, but you could try cutting by 20% at first, then 10%, so you have some kind of a dose, and then 50%, and then stop or 25% and then stop. It´s a theory i just came up with-my aggresive taper =p =D =) =] =) =D


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