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Clove oil


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For anyone that's hypersensitive and considering using clove oil, I just had a bad reaction to it while brushing my teeth with half a drop mixed in with my toothpaste.  My heart started racing and I got panicky.  It went away after a few minutes.

- 2002-2015: Zyprexa (Olanzapine), between 2.5mg to 5mg

- 9/15-2/16: Started a taper that jumped up and down quickly for five months.  Got really sick.  Took Xanax sporadically throughout taper.  Stopping taking Xanax in January 2016.

- 2/14/16: Increased dose to 3.75mg and held for two months, quickly got better at first and then slowly continued to get better after that

- Apr/16: 3.375mg, May/16: 3.03mg, Jun-Jul/16: 2.73mg, Aug-Sept/16: 2.5mg, Oct/16: 2.25mg, Nov/16: 2.03mg, Dec/16-Jan/17: 1.82mg, Feb/17: 1.64mg, Mar/17: 1.48mg, Apr/17: 1.33mg, May-Sept/17: 1.20mg, Oct/17: 1.08mg, Nov/17: 0.97mg, Dec/17: 0.87mg, Jan/17: 0.78mg, Feb/17: 0.71mg, Mar/17: 0.64mg, Apr/17: 0.57mg, May/17: 0.51mg

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