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Anyone tried pqq (Pyrroloquinoline quinone) for severe cognitive impairment?


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Just wondering if anyone has any experience of the supplement pqq for the severe cog fog some of us endure. I've tried all other supplements and nothing has seemed to help it so far and would just like to know if it has helped anyone.

Citalopram - January-June 2013 stopped taking it as it did nothing but made me tired. No withdrawal problems.

Mirtazipine July-August 2016 was knocking me out in such an unnatural way I seemed to lose the ability to sleep. Stopped it with no problems.

Amitriptyline 15 August - 1st October 2016 completely destroyed me on every level. Put me in a coma so discontinued it but felt comatose and kept waking up paralysed for 5-10 minutes upon awaking, even my eyes which continued for 2 months after stopping it. Also felt like I'd been poisoned by something radioactive. Lost all vitality and appetite because of this drug and made all my muscles feel dead and move around very slowly. Can barely read or process information anymore. Now protracted withdrawal, crushing depression, suicidal and loss of identity. Feel like no point in living, doesn't feel like a real emotion, feels like brain damage, like my soul has been erased and the spark plug in my brain has blown. Never even felt depressed before, just anxiety and insomnia. Living in hell.

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