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Organic food - The importance of eating as much organic food as possible


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It's something that I have felt strongly for a while about. However, after reading so much about how pesticides like glyspophates entering the food chain, and how processed food is laden with chemicals. I felt it necessary to post about it. As we are in withdrawal the last thing we need is to fill our bodies with chemicals and drugs (which could be a reason why our bodies react badly to food as well) We may think organic food is expensive, especially when you may not be working or relying on others for help,however its a small price to pay to not put crap in our bodies.


This withdrawal journey has led me to research exactly what is in our food. In the UK there is a huge movement to move to organic food, shops and superstores are selling more organic ranges, there are cafes selling organic food and drinks, people are growing there own foods etc More people are realising the link between food and diseases. Whilst this is not at all a cure I feel that are bodies are depleted of nutrients and one of the ways to ensure you are getting your nutrients correctly is by making sure your food is not grown with chemicals,shop locally,get your fruit and veg either from organic farms direct etc this goes for chicken,eggs, dairy and poultry if you are able to eat any of the above.


Even if you dont suffer with histamine issues or food sensitivities its still a great idea to put good quality food in your body. The food you could be eating could be making you worse, so its allways worth switching to see if that makes an impact.

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