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Has anyone tried inosine , for hot flashes and sweating , if so any good results , it has been recommended to me , but I don't want to spend any more money on another supplement if it's a waste of time , side effects say it can cause sweating , but my friend said she had taken it for a couple of weeks and all her hot flashes stop after a year of struggling

2001 to jan 2015 Effexor 150 mg 

jan 2015 15 mg mirtazapine 20 mg quetiapine 

feb 2015 quetiapine stopped 

feb 2015 30 mg of citalopram added 

feb 2015 mirtazapine increased to 30 mg 

july 2015 citalopram stopped 

sept 2015 200mg of pregabalin 

jan 2017 mirtazapine stopped

jan 2017 20 mg fluoxetine

march 2017 all meds stopped 

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