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Massachusetts benzo bill - People from any state can help by sharing their stories


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There is a hearing for some very important prospective legislation regarding the prescription practices of benzodiazepines in Massachusetts and people both in and out of state can provide their stories to FINALLY shine some light on what has been a silent epidemic for too long. Please, take a few minutes and do what you can to make sure that this bill gets all the support it can and even if it doesn't pass our voices are heard.



1. Submit Testimony: Email your or your loved one’s personal story of benzodiazepine harm to Attorney Garrett Burns at garrett.burns@mahouse.gov. Your testimony will be presented as evidence to the Joint Committee as they decide whether or not the bill moves forward. The sooner you can send your personal story the better, since it is unclear when the committee will meet. You do not need to live in Massachusetts to send in your story. You can send your story from anywhere in the U.S. and internationally, there are no restrictions.

Please include the following information in your email:

Full Name

Town and State (if you live within the U.S.)

Country (if you live outside of the U.S.)

Use “Bill H.3594” as the subject line

If you are writing from outside of Massachusetts, include how this bill will affect your state/country. For example, if this bill passes in Massachusetts, you are hoping a similar bill will pass in your own state/country.

Your testimony should be addressed: Dear Chairs and Members of the Committee on Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Keep in mind: the symptoms you were originally prescribed for, what you were prescribed, how long you were on the drug or drugs and the impacts they had on your/your loved one’s life. Finish with how this legislation could have changed your situation.

Unless you are a medical or mental specialist, it is not important to focus on things like what benzodiazepines are or how they work: we want to avoid redundancy. Avoid spending time on the theoretical and stick to what has personally happened to you.

2. Contact MA Legislators: Tell them you support Bill H.3594 and why. This can be done at any time. State senators can be found here, representatives can be found here. MA residents especially have weight with their local representatives. In the week prior to a hearing, it would be helpful to contact local representatives as there is hope that a letter of support will circulate the State House.

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Put on Ativan in December of 2012 and told to take three pills daily. I believe it was 1.5 mg's.


Switched to Xanax in April of 2013. I believe it was 1.0 mg's.


Switched to 1 mg Klonopin in August of 2013 gradually updosed until I reached 2.5 mg's in December of 2015.


Began 10% dry/liquid microtaper in February of 2016 at 2.5 mg's. I liquefied .5 mg's at a time in 100 mL's of milk while removing at first 1.2 mL's a day while taking the rest dry until arriving at roughly 1.75 mg's when I switched to .6 mL's a day.


10/31/16 - at 1.5 mg's. Currently holding taking whole dose dry. 11/03/16 - Bad side effects, updose to 2 mg's 11/30/16 - Failed substitution with Valium. Doctor wouldn't do crossover and did not give proper equivalency. Did not go well. Also briefly on Gabapentin for about 2 weeks at 150-300 mg's 12/04/16 - Back to 2 mg's of Klonopin 12/27/16 - Reinstated to 2.5 mg K. Symptoms at all time worst. Completely non functional.


Have been briefly on and off of many other SSRI's and psych meds including Prozac, Celexa, Lexapro, Wellbutrin, Gabapentin and Lamictal. They were all very low dosages and the only one that I was on for more than a few days is Celexa which I got up to 10 mg's for roughly two months and tapered off of.

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