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Together we rise (and) Heavy metal, gut bugs, the brain...


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two articles included below first posted at Beyond Meds yesterday and today:

Together we rise above the egregious & dangerous message of worthlessness

I don’t think my life is getting any easier as I heal (which can really be a drag sometimes) BUT…I just love life more and more and more…truly life is good.

Healing from brain injury incurred by psych drugs — I’m not only healing drug injury but also the injury of having been thrown away by society. Everyone labeled with mental illness is a throw away…our role in the human family simply not recognized. … together we can rise above the egregious & dangerous message of worthlessness

“Stigma” is created by a system that values people so little that the only means of “caring” for such folks is neurotoxic drugs that maim…

The disabling and deadly nature of psych meds are denied — so when we come for help from the injuries we’re told it’s in our heads…

very convenient to blame the crazy since we’ve already been labeled mentally ill…convenient and criminal both…it’s a lie


and then when we speak of what’s happened we make people uncomfortable because most people really do not want to deal with reality…


We, however, are stuck with dealing with reality in a way most people never need to face it. Hallelujah, because there was freedom in that for me. Unfortunately not everyone, by a long shot, manages to emancipate themselves…I am one of the privileged few. I now work with the hope that we can help one another find similar freedom, well being and our proper place in society… we are important members who are needed for healing the entire community of human beings. As things stand now we’ve been severed from the family.

together we can rise above the egregious and dangerous message of worthlessness

for video and first posting of this see: https://beyondmeds.com/2017/07/05/together/



Heavy metal, gut bugs, the brain and profound healing

I’m doing heavy metal detox…intense. Rarely mention it because people don’t understand how insane it is. I can feel metal leaving my brain.

Metal hangs out in biofilms  with infectious agents…as this comes out so does decades & lifetimes–via ancestral lineage — of emotional crap.

Virtually no support during this process, really…not that I’ve found anyway because most practitioners are woefully misinformed…

Some people do have some experience with metal and infectious agent toxicity but no one knows how to handle those labeled with “severe” mental illness.

The intensity of what comes up and through that must be processed simply blows the minds of most professionals of all stripes…

That’s why they lock us up…few know how to hold space for us without going into ugly, controlling shadow **** that further traumatizes us.


Anyway…blah. I speak mostly to the wall, I’m sure.

( I’ve been doing it for several years in baby steps…this year it’s taking on steam…it’s a ******* nightmare AND the most fascinating thing I’ve ever done.)

Frankly, what the professionals don’t understand is how little we know or understand about what is really happening-makes them dangerous

The only way through this is by learning our own bodies and selves so intimately we become one with nature…

We are dealing with the mystery of life and being and nothing less.

(I learned to take care of my own body by reading and experimenting with dozens of different ideas from different sources — most of which all believed they had the RIGHT way to do something even though many were hugely contradictory. This is the reality on the ground. We MUST learn to trust ourselves because we’re all different and NO ONE has all the answers. Helping others, therefore, means simply supporting them while they learn to do this because we do not know what is right for another human being. My experience and ideas are shared only as a little piece of reality as experienced through my body and nothing more. Take what works and shed the rest.)



The concept of “possession” is hardly far-fetched when one comes to understand the nature of microbes in the body. We are, indeed, possessed.

Every bug inhabiting our body is a living thing with a manner of consciousness. Some of these bugs affect our consciousness in profound ways.

To mock the idea of “possession” as simply primitive and foolish shows our own lack of understanding of, well, science.



Everything Matters: Beyond Meds 


withdrawn from a cocktail of 6 psychiatric drugs that included every class of psych drug.

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Thank you GiaK. 

None of my posts or comments are to be taken as medical advice. All my posts and comments are based on my personal experience. Please consult an appropriate medical professional for advice.

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[...] No, it’s really a very ugly thing since those who fancy themselves helpful do not want to see how they can harm so very badly and so they deny it with force and vigor hurting us all the more. [...]


Yes, this is true. I've been pondering this lately. I have the urge to help, but then I realize there is help which is harmful, especially when it comes to mental health & relationships. Listening is always helpful, and being there for them... but advice needs to be very thought out and well-placed.


Often help is more harmful than no help, if it was done in ignorance. Ignorance = You don't know what is the problem. Do you know? Behaviour is not the problem.


Well-placed advice is hard to come by, and I will personally prefer not to give advice if I'm ignorant of the actual problem. It's just seeing people suffer is no easy thing...


And helpers have problem, this is especially dangerous. If they work in a broken context they rarely give good advice. That's another reason to refrain from giving advice.


I'm also thinking giving advice personally is different than giving it nonpersonally, because there is always some level of trust in interpersonal relationships which affects their decision-making, but with public writings, people use their judgement more. You trust the advice trustable people give you in general.


A complicated matter, but this is very important. A bad advice is bad advice, however well-meaning it is.


Writing this cleared my mind too.


2015 Started on Olanzapine 10 mg, 2016:18th January Down to 7.5 mg (from 9,38 mg) 1st of June 6.75 mg (began 10% taper!) [...] 1st December 3.65 mg


2017: 1st Jan. ~3.3 mg, 1st Feb 2.95 mg, 22nd Feb 2.65 mg (began 3-week taper) 15th Mar 2.38 mg, 5th Apr 2.14 mg, 26th Apr 1.94 mg  17th May ~1.74 mg (began 19-day taper) 5th June ~1.56 mg 24th June 1.4 mg (began 17-day taper) 11th July 1.26 mg 30th July 1.13 mg 24th Aug 1.0 mg(!)

17th Sept 15 mg 11st Oct 13.5 mg 26th Oct 11.75 mg 18th Nov 10 mg 15th Dec 9 mg

2018: 12nd Jan. 8.1 mg 15th Feb 7.5 mg 1st Apr 6.75 mg 1st Apr 6.08 mg 1st Jun 5.48 mg 1st Jul 5 mg 15th Aug 4.6 mg 15th Sep 4.4 mg 18th Nov 4.3 mg 16th Dec 4.2 mg

2019: 16th Jan 4.1 mg 28th Feb 4.0 mg [...] (began 0.1mg per 2.5 months taper!) 1st Oct 3.7 mg 15th Dec 3.6 mg

2020: 1st Mar 3.5 mg (began 0.1mg per 3 months taper!) 1st Jul 3.35 mg (<-- trying a larger drop) 4th Sep 3.25 mg (started 0.1125mg / 2 months) 10th Dec ~3.1125 mg

2021: 1st Feb 3.0 mg 26th May 2.9 mg 1st Sep 2.8 mg

2022: 1st Mar 2.7 mg 1st Aug 2.6 mg | 2023: 1st Jan 2.5 mg 1st Sep 2.4 mg
Other medications: Temazepam for sleep, don't want to use it (has too many side effects). Melatonin too, except that doesn't work for me with high doses of olanzapine.

Haven't used any sleeping medications for a long time. Temazepam caused withdrawal symptoms when I last tried it.

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