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GemB: after 3 yrs, really need advice on sertraline (zoloft)


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After the birth of my son I was diagnosed with severe pnd and prescribed sertraline. after a while they began working and I felt better than I have my whole life. However, I have now been on them for 3 years and have found over the last six months that my symptoms seem to be returning with brute force. However, there have been a few months in the last year where I have forgotten to pre-order my prescription and have therefore had a 'break' from them for a week before I've been able to get them and take them. My question is: after these occasional weeks on withdrawal, how long would it take for the benefits of the drug to kick in again? Could my increasing symptoms be due to the fact I've not had a continous daily dose of them some months? The symptoms don't just kick in during those weeks by the way, they are constant now even after maybe 2 months of continuous use. I do have an appointment with my gp next week to discuss, but I wondered if anyone had any personal experience with this? Has sertraline simply stopped working for me? I want so badly to feel like my happy self again :(

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GemB, it is possible Zoloft has stopped working for you.


It is also possible that you've destabilized your nervous system with these occasional breaks -- we'd call it cold-turkey. It may be that it's become sensitized and will not react well to any psychiatric drugs.


We don't know much about how to go back on drugs here. This site is about tapering off drugs.


Are you interested in tapering off Zoloft?

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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