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First time poster, this looks like a good place to start.  Hi all!


I was put on 10mg Escitalopram about two months ago.  I'd suffered with nuclear GAD the previous weeks, the Esc. hadn't helped much after the four week implementation period.  The doc added Trileptol, 150mg 2/day.  The next day was a complete turnarouond, much better.  He said it would work quickly.


The Esc. was causing ugly side effects, the doc suggested I could get by without it.  He didn't give me any particular way to do that. 


I cut back to 5mg's four days ago and have not noticed any change.  On its own, today was horrible -- max stress and finding a prostate biopsy is in my future.  No dire indications but a somewhat elevated PSA (in normal range for my age).  Still, a tough day happy to see none of those GAD symptoms, very positive about that.


Here's my point -- By cutting back Esc. by half, how long might it take for a negative reaction?  As I understand, the drug will be in my system for up to a year.  I am spooked by seeing others tapering to very small doses and having big problems when cutting to zero.

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Welcome, Newtsche.


Your posts required moderator approval. They were moved into the Introductions forum to start your own Introduction thread, where you can track your progress.


You were on 10mg escilatopram for 2 months and cut to 5mg 4 days ago? It takes about 4 days for your nervous system to register a drug change. You may or may not start to feel withdrawal symptoms soon. Please don't throw your escilatopram away; if you get withdrawal symptoms, you will want to updose a bit, such as to 7mg, right away.


What's important is that the drug was reduced, not that traces might linger in your tissues. Please see 



This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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Thanks, Altostrata.  As someone new to antidepressants, my story is short with too little info to be of use.  I take it that many here have long term experience so I jumped into a thread that seemed appropriate -- cutting back Esc. from 10mg/day.  Into my fifth day still on a fairly even keel.  Even with a very stressful yesterday, any anxiety I have now is mostly worrying about the Esc.  I can only hope I continue to lurk with no tales of woe, it's comforting knowing you all are here.:)

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Received and participated in the survey and was asked to update my experiences.


Almost two weeks into cutting Escitalopram 10mg/day to 5mg/day.  After a month on 10mg, almost no improvement in the GAD that showed up early Summer.  Trileptol, 150mg 2/day provided almost immediate relief.


Nothing horrible on half dose of Esc. Slightly more anxious at times, nothing close to what it was.  Maybe more irritable but was pretty irritable before.  Thanks to Esc., I'd developed anorgasm, very disheartening.  After more than a month of failure, managed to achieve orgasm last week.  Kind of a chore but worth the effort.  Not ready to cut that out of my life, may still be problematic for a while but, yeah, good.

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