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Hi everyone,

I am new to this group.  I took cymbalta for a year and developed pgad symptoms.  After my psychiatrist told me I was wrong I weaned off slowly and it went away.  A few months later I tried lexapro since my psychiatrist thought it was a fluke with the cymbalta.  After 5 doses the pgad returned and is still here.  I have bladder issues with this too.  I am currently on klonopin and trintelix.  I'm looking for anyone with some suggestions how to get this pgad to stop.  It has been 2 years and it has changed my life.  Any help or suggestions are appreciated.


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Welcome, Mygirls.


When did you start taking Trintellix? Why are you taking Klonopin, when did you start taking it?


What times of day do you take each of your drugs, and at what dosages?


It sounds to me like you get PGAD as a side effect of antidepressants. Some people don't get along with serotonergics. Could be the Trintellix is contributing to your PGAD.



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Hi Mygirls, and welcome to SA from me as well,


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