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a PSSD interview with James aged 21 but just 17 at the time he was chemically castrated by mental health


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*PSSD (Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction) is irreversible sexual disfigurement caused by psychiatric drugs. Genital numbness and loss of arousal; or sexual dysfunction.

The same drugs are used to chemically castrate sex offenders. But they are also given to children... by 'mental health'...

I interview a number of people that have to live with PSSD every day because of mental health. This is an transcripted video interview with James from the USA I did. James is 21 years old but was just 17 when he was irreversibly chemically castrated by mental health. The same drugs are given to peadophiles in voluntary chemical castration programs, yet mental patients do not get a choice or informed consent.

Here is the latest 'lived experience' interview



Cocktail drugged since 9

Genitals went numb

Extreme intestinal gas and pain

Extreme anxiety cant concentrate

All permanent


Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD)


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