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Working on past issues


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Hi, I wanted to ask if other people have tried to work on their past issues while in withdrawal? I'm wondering if this is possible as withdrawal greatly influences how you think and feel.
I'm asking because I recently started going to a psychological revalidation center , to try to get out of my isolation I'm in because of withdrawal, and maybe try to resolve some issues from my past.


But I'm having a hard time separating what are still unresolved issues , and what is caused by withdrawal. I know withdrawal can make problems out of nothing.


It's also hard for me being around other people and making conversation. But I also get triggered with bad experiences from my past , and I easily lose insight into what is a real problem I need to work on and what is WD. My problems are/were mainly self-esteem/image/confidence problems. 


I always thought once withdrawal would be over , a lot of the things I struggle with now would be over , but I'm not so sure anymore.


Anyone some viewpoints on this?




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I don't think during withdrawal is a good time to be trying to deal with past issues.  It can be stressful and the last thing our CNS needs whilst it is healing is added stress.  I think it would be better to learn non drug techniques for coping and helping you to stay calm.


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