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Antipsychotic injections -- Haloperidol, etc.


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How long it last? Its been 5 months still have problem.. akathsia , cant sit for 15 min.. always need to walk.. weight gained and cant drop any.. i cant hear any voice. i have same exactly 100% like lapd problem, cant lay in bed

July 2017 - 3 shots = one of them haloperidol and only olanzapine 20mg  for 2 weeks , weight gained 


August 2017- waiting recovery from haloperidol , drug tapper 10mg ,weight gained , weak muscle


September 2017- drugs tapper 5mg weight gained , weak muscle


October 2017 - drugs free , no improvment from haldol   , weight gained , weak muscle


November 2017 - waiting haldol recovery since , weight gained , weak muscle




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I cant tell you of Halperidol, but i had this feeling when an idiot put me on abilify as reinstatement to cure paxil wdl.

Next visit he told me it as a side effect and to stop it.  And I stopped the idiot itself. It took me gradually about 6 mos that physical restlessness go away.


Emotional is still there which ends as resulting in physical symptoms.

08/13 - 01/14
Olanzapine, petril MD (Clonazepam ), Dicorate ER (divalproex). Soza 10 (Zolpidem)

02/14 - 05/14
Flunil ​20mg , Divaa OD 250 mg(divalproex), Amisulpride 50mg (1-0-2), zolfresh 5 mg , Quetiapine
05/14 - 08/14 Venlafaxine 75 xr ( 1-0-1), zapiz 0.25
10/14 Zaptra 12.5mg , Oxetol xr 150mg (0-0-1)
11/14 - 08/15
Paris CR 25 (paroxetine) , Oxetol xr 600 mg (0-0-1), nitrest 5mg , Quetiapine for a month.
09/15-11 Venlafaxine XR 75 ( 1-0-1), Mirtazipine 15, Respiredal 0.5, Lamitor 25, zillion 10.
12/15-02/16 Off Meds (C.T)

03/16-Mid April Sertraline, Aripropazole, Quetiapine, Etizolam.

After that : CT and on OTC supplements (Roadback), now on Ayurveda
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I had kidney failure on haldol.  It is on my list of terrible drugs.  I had no rebound insomnia when stopping it which may be this drugs only positives comparing to newer drugs namely Zyprexa & Seroquel & maybe risperdone.

My Intro FB Zyprexa 2015-September 2018

1st time I tried to come straight off of 10mg Zyprexa I was hospitalized for insane insomnia.

Current - Abilify Maintena & L Theanine(for akathisia)

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