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Question from one *recovered* veteran to another


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Hello community!


I am now 6 years off SSRIs and I can honestly say I have come such a long way. I am truly humbled and even grateful for my protracted W/D experience for which I wouldn't have been led down the path to the life I have now :)


That is not to say I do not still have lingering issues!


So my question is to all the recovered (which I realize is a relative term) veterans here... do you find that you're still reactive to things?


In my W/D journey I uncovered many many food allergies that I otherwise didnt have before.


I also am HYPERsensitive to any kind of vitamins or herbs of any kind.  I also notice that some healing modalities affect me a lot more than the majority.


Has anyone else noticed that their body is super sensitive since coming off SSRI's years after the initial w/d period ended?


This has proven to be a challenge for me as it can be frustrating and very time consuming to figure out what diet, supplements, tolerance I have for things.


I have considered purchasing the 23 and Me kit so that I can see if I have any genetic factors that predispose me to this type of sensitivity but I have a feeling that the SSRI's are truly at the heart of why I am this way...


Anyhow and the best to you all!




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Hi Penny, I've recovered from most of my drug-induced problems and I had issues with sensitivities for years. I believe I probably am still sensitive to a few things--like I have not tried alcohol and avoid all pills like the plague, thankfully have been able to do that so far--but, over time I've been able to reintroduce certain things to my diet and do okay.  I couldn't tolerate any sugar or caffeine before, now I can manage with them usually, though too much might give me a bit of restless legs at night (please note, not akathisia...I had that too this is definitely not the same.)  Of course, too much sugar is not good for anyone...but it doesn't leave me climbing the walls after having some.    I also can tolerate certain herbs too, though some others I won't try. I tend to use the most mild herbs, many of the popular ones are quite strong, so that could be why I'm not having a big problem from them. Aside from one I can take a lot of that is really mild and also eaten as a food I don't tend to use a lot; will use a teaspon or less as a tea or one drop if it's a glycerite (won't take alcohol based herbs at all).  Most of them I won't use long either, I will lay off after one or a few days.


Also I think a little while back that genetic testing could be done for free? Or they'd give you some of the results for free trying to get you to pay for the others?  I can't recall but I swear i heard about a deal on that not too long ago...



I am not a medical professional and nothing I say is a medical opinion or meant to be medical advice, please seek a competent and trusted medical professional to consult for all medical decisions.


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