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Tingling hands and numb when lying down


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Has anyone experienced tingling hands and then get knumb hands going through wd ?

i get it when I lye down at night or am lying down on my phone. 

When I wake up every morning I have knumb hands.

ive had a bit of a messy wd period with my meds but this is by far the most annoying and making me panicky.

to go with the weight loss because I just can’t seem to eat and feel so horrible all the time.

i changed from fluoxetine 20mg after about 10 years on it.

straight to 20mg citalapram as I thought this might be a better ad for me. That lasted 5 weeks the side effects of nausea were horrible.

now I’m on venlafaxine and have been for 3 weeks and still having these side effects.

they are mainly at night when I lye down or am on my phone.

please help


Fluoxetine 20mg January 2011-October 2017

The straight swap to citalapram 20mg October 2017

lorazepam 1mg October 2017

quatiapan 25mg June 2017 for sleep

straight swap from citalapram to venlafaxine December 5 at 37.5mg then upped to 75mg a week later

Stopped quetiapine may 28 2018 and changed to zopiclone 

Started venlafaxine December 5 at 37.5mg and upped dosage reaching 150mg

Reduced venlafaxine over a one month period and stopped around June 15 2018

also stoped the lorazepam June 15 2018

started 20mg fluoxetine 7th August 2018

witg 1mg lorazepam every morning and at around 1-2pm

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Yeah I had it immediately after my adverse drug reaction with Wellbutrin, Hydrochlorothiazide (for blood pressure), and Adderall 

March 2016: Strattera

June 2016: Nothing

October 2016-April 2017:Wellbutrin SR

Mid-March 2017-March 2017 Adderall (9 days)

April 2017: Wellbutrin and Ritalin (7 days)

Mid-April to mid-June: nothing 

early June 2017: Wellbutrin XL

mid-June 2017: Wellbutrin XL, Adderall, and Hydrochlorothiazide (blood pressure); took for two days

Late August: Allegra for two days, then Propranolol

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