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I have been to my doctor today as I am at rock bottom ,  10 months of c//t a few meds and I have got very low depression anhendonia , not eating loosing weight plus all the other physical nightmares but for the last 12 months I have had very little sleep on average 2 hours a night cannot sleep past 2am even if I am a sleep I will wake at that time it’s like it’s programmed in me anyway the doctor urged me to try another a/d to help lift the mood but I was reluctant but he has given me some temazapam for a few days just to get a couple nights sleep I am so desperate but very apprehensive I do not have trouble going to sleep it’s the staying asleep that I can’t do , will this be ok for a coup,e of days I know these meds are habit forming also will it worsen not that it can my withdrawel 

2001 to jan 2015 Effexor 150 mg 

jan 2015 15 mg mirtazapine 20 mg quetiapine 

feb 2015 quetiapine stopped 

feb 2015 30 mg of citalopram added 

feb 2015 mirtazapine increased to 30 mg 

july 2015 citalopram stopped 

sept 2015 200mg of pregabalin 

jan 2017 mirtazapine stopped

jan 2017 20 mg fluoxetine

march 2017 all meds stopped 

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