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Drug Withdrawal Research Foundation


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Have any of you heard of DRUG WITHDRAWAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION? http://www.withdrawalresearch.org/index.html
Born cynic, I'm wondering if it's really non-profit endeavour trying to research the problem or just a decoy (? sorry if that's not good English) leading to https://www.shopgenext.com/.

[2013 - 2017] >10 meds and combos (some breaks without meds; last in May-Sep 2016)

[2017] Mar 22 - venlafaxine 150; initially with mianserine 20 which I stopped around June due to serious stomachaches and bloating; 1 month of break in Aug when: duloxetine 60 + esketamine clinical trial)
Sep 05 - venlafaxine 150 + bupropion 150
Oct 11 - tapering off venlafaxine while still on bupro 150; Oct 21 - venla 37,5
Nov 06 - venla 37,5 + bupro 150 + >START buspirone 30>
Nov 20 - venla 12,5 + bupro 150 + buspirone 30;   Nov 29 - [STOP venla]
Dec 01 - [tried to STOP buspi cold turkey] / Dec 03 - HELL unleashed;   Dec 10 - buspi 10;   Dec 17 - buspi 20 (+ still bupro 150); Jan 02 [STOP] bupro;
[2018] Mar 17 - >START quetiapine 50 SR> for tension, restlessness and attacks of fury (buspirone persisting w/d symptom)

Apr 24 - FINALLY STOPPED buspirone (5-month taper; worst in my life) - w/d symptoms continue... Jun 02 - STOP quetiapine
Now taking: mirtazapine 7,5 mg (helps to fall asleep quickly, doesn't help for waking at dawn; didn't tolerate higher doses); for restlessness / akathisia: taurine; antihistamines (small amounts cause still can cause headache and dry mouth even at 12,5 mg of hydroxyzine or promethazine); melatonin 1 mg; omega-3 (330 EPA, 220 DHA); Mg.

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Hello, I'm sorry that no one has responded until now. 


I'd never seen that site before. http://www.withdrawalresearch.org/index.html is certainly very bright and shiny. And you are correct--they are trying to sell something, supplements to be exact. 


The information is similar to what is here on SA, for example, 10% of current dosage per month. 

There are no shortcuts in withdrawal, as I'm sure you know. You are right to be skeptical of this "research foundation." Thanks for bringing it to our attention. 


2020: After 18+ years (entire adult life) on Paxil, a dangerous doctor-led "taper" in 2015, and four years tapering off the last 1 mg thanks to SA and the Brassmonkey slide, 

I AM COMPLETELY FREE OF PAXIL! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Forever.


2021: Began conservative, proper, CNS-respecting taper of Zoloft, led by the only expert on me -- me. Making own liquid. 5-10% plus holds.

2022: Holding on Zoloft for now. Current dose 47 mg. Hanging in, hanging on. Severe protracted PAWS, windows and waves. While I may not be doing "a lot" by outside standards, things are graaaaadually getting better


Yoga (gentle to medium); walks; daily breath practice; nutrition, fruits/veg; nature; water; EastEnders (lol); practicing self-compassion, self-care; boundaries; connection; allowing feelings; t r u s t ing that I, too, will heal. (--> may need to be reminded of this.)

"You are not alone, and this is not the end of your story." - Baylissa

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