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I've sent a letter to my U.S. Representative


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Due to the shooting in Florida today.  I've sent a letter to my U.S. Representative highlighting the dangers and the escalation of "mental illness" in this country due to Antideppresants.  I mentioned the fact that doctors hand these out like candy, Advising patients that they are not "addictive" and the fact that they do not know or acknowledge "withdrawal:  and how to safely get people off of these.  I don't know what good it will do, but I guess the more people talk about it, maybe one day this country will wake up.

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On 2/14/2018 at 6:20 PM, samanthaelizabeth said:

dangers and the escalation of "mental illness" in this country due to Antideppresants

Every time I see the surviving Parkland students on the news I can't help but wonder how many will be offered, or just given, an SSRI because of the situation. I know that may sound odd but, I think about it each time and pray that they will escape this situation without being put on medication. :( I am a retired teacher and watched several students be put on meds. It just hurts my heart!

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My Plan: Prayer, Scripture, Walk, Yoga, Encourage Others, Healthy Eating
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Wow: I had not thought about this possibility. How can one get this info -- the dangers of ADs -- to students and parents?

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