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How Big Pharma Infiltrated the Boston Museum of Science


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Salon.com - How Big Pharma Infiltrated the Boston Museum of Science


01.24.2018•4:00 AM


Do you overeat? Did your boyfriend just break up with you? Does no one return your emails? Do you fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning? If so, you may be suffering from mental illness! Mental illness is a highly stigmatized, life-long condition, which millions do not even realize they have and only a pharmaceutical drug can fix, claims Big Pharma and its operatives.


So begins this article on a new exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science titled the Many Faces of Our Mental Health in order to "educate" the public. The article continues:


Funders of the exhibit included the Pharma-backed NAMI and the Sidney R. Baer Jr. and Sidney A. Swensrud foundations, both of which stress screening and early intervention for childhood “mental illness.” Both mechanisms are widely seen as a way to grow the market for psychiatric drugs. In fact, the Baer Foundation funds the Pharma-funded Joan Luby, who not only finds mental abnormalities in toddlers but also thinks they are present in “late preterm” babies!


I think this part of the article explains it all:


With an estimated one-quarter of the population now taking expensive psychiatric drugs, Pharma’s everyone-is-mentally-ill ploy enriches Wall Street and raises our health care costs. Gone are the days when bad moods were attributed to problems with finance, romance, debt, jobs, housing, careers, family, marriages and health. Worse, Pharma’s everyone-is-mentally-ill ruse siphons off legitimate activist anger at a government system that keeps people poor and powerless by suggesting they have a personal problem and the answer is a happy pill. Also known as — retreat into individualism.


I guess Direct To Consumer advertising isn't enough in the US - now Big Pharma, NAMI, and other drug pushers are going into museums where a lot of people - including children - will take this information as education and not what it is - propaganda. 



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