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iCannotSleep: I need advice on how to taper down quickly on Trazodone 50MG


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Hello.  I could not fall asleep for days at a time.  At one point I did not fall asleep for 5 days .  The sleepy time tea and even Benadryl 25MG all stopped working for me.  Doctor put me on Trazodone.  I tried taking 25MG and it did nothing.  I ended up taking Trazodone 50MG, and have been doing that for 6 weeks now.  The initial onboarding was terrible- headaches and tingling sensations in the back of the head but it went away after a month.  However, my stomach is getting worse and cannot handle the Trazodone anymore.  Diahrea became frequent (now it's daily) even though I take Trazodone with bread, and throughout the day my stomach growls and hurts (even though I eat only soft food now).  I am sure that the stomach problems are from Trazodone.  I am asking pharmacy to make a solution so that I can taper down.  Does anyone have specific advice on how to taper down quickly from 50MG? 

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Welcome, ICannotSleep.


Here are our Tips for tapering off trazodone (Desyrel)


As trazodone is making you sick, you may wish to taper by 10% every week. Stop reducing if you get withdrawal symptoms.


What is your history with psychiatric drugs? Did any precede your sleep problems?

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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Hi ICS and welcome from me too,


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This is the preferred format which is helpful for the mods.  Thank you.


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