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Acetyl-l-carnitine: thoughts?


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Started taking acetyl-l-carnitine (250mg once in the middle of the day) recently at my shrinks recommendation. He suggested it could be helpful in withdrawal, more specifically for brain function. 


Anyone have any firsthand experience or knowledge about the supplement or my dosage, good or bad?





- Registered to the site at end of April, been a lurker since February. If I should correct my signature in some way please correct me! 

- Started Prozac (20mg all the way) in 2010 at the age of 17 for OCD/Anxiety

- Half-hearted attempts at quitting previously, psychiatrist response each time "return of original symptoms". 

- Kept on trucking on medication until beginning 2016 as my belief was that I need it (i.e. natural chemical imbalance)

- Started getting more anxious / experience a cognitive decline but refused to raise dosage

- Tried to quit but experienced a lot of stress from studies and work

- Tried to switch to Wellbutrin (150mg dose) in 2017 but experienced quite a lot of irritability, stopped the medication without problem. 

- Did independent research at end of 2017, became a "believer" in WD symptoms/other side effects outside official guidance

- Reinstated to 10 mg Prozac in December 2017, currently (December 2018) on 1.25 mg

- My main concern/problems are cognitive ones (word finding, short-term memory, mathematics, logic) and looking for guidance on these issues from anyone who is kind and resourceful enough to assist.


Thank you! 

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November 2014 - September 2015: Zoloft 50 mg, Trilafon 4mg, clonazepam 1mg
October 2015 - September 2016: Effexor 75 mg
September 2016 - January 2017: Effexor 150 mg
Stopped Effexor in March 2017 after tapering under medical supervision
The doctor I've now found is an expert in withdrawal from ADs
Persistent withdrawal syndrome since July 2017: Prozac 10 mg, clonazepam 0.5 mg, to cope with it.
December 2017 -  withdrawing from Prozac, 10 mg every 2 days
Drug free since January (?) 2018
Symptoms: pins and needles, burning skin sensations, PSSD, OCD, mood swings (a lot), malaise (a lot), muscle spasms, voice in my conscience. 

Doing not so bad, but I want to be the person I was. 
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Trying it today for cognitive symptoms. How wad your experience?

Lexapro started 2006, 10 mg 2007 tapered to 0 over a month. Felt poorly, got wd but did not know

2008  Put back on L, 20 mg 

2015-16 tapered to 0 over several months. Severe Discontinuation symptoms several days after.

2016: 20 mg, 2016-April 2018 slow taper to 0. 

2018 April: Drug - free!!! June: Withdrawal started 🤯 July: Back on Escitalopram, 10 mg, Nov: 15 mg,

2019: Feb 15 13.75 mg, Feb 23 updose to 15 mg, Sep 6  13.75 mg, Sep 16 12.5 mg, Oct 5 11.25 mg, Oct 23 updose 12 mg

2020: Jan 13 11.5 mg Jan 16 updose 11.9 mg, Feb-Dec  slowly tapered from 11.6 to 6.6 mg. 

2021: Oct 5 mg

2022: Jul 3.8 mg

Holding due to bad symptoms of tiredness, brain fog, depression. 

Bupropion trial sep- nov 2019 no relief from wd. 100, 150, 100, 75, 50, 0 mg

Testosterone Aug 2019-April 2021 - injections, stopped abruptly, experienced wd from T discontinuation . Nov 2021 - current - topical. Massive wave from T re-introduction

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I've recently been trying L-Carnitine with fish oil--seems to really help with lingering fatigue issues as I taper off of Lexapro.

  • Escitalopram,  10 mgs, 2013-present
  • Sertraline, 2014 (stopped after four months)
  • Escitalopram: November 2018.  Reduction to 5 mgs from 10.  Complete stop January 2019.  Return to 10 mgs April 2020.
  • Escitalopram: October 2019--started slow taper from 10 mgs.  1 mg reduction a month.  Currently (January 2020) at 7 mgs/day (liquid)
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