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Sad, sad, sad, anxious, and obsessing


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The title says it all . . .

I was first prescribed Prozac (20 mg) in 1994; over time, this was increased to 80 mg then reduced to 60 mg because I felt like a zombie on the higher dose.


Over the years, I was prescribed Paxil, Zoloft, Lexapro, and Effexor, but I don't recall why my meds were switched. I saw various  therapists over the years, so they and my primary care physician would prescribe this or that antidepressant. 


In 2013, I weaned myself off of Effexor, but not long after this I went on Celexa (20 mg) because it seemed that I was constantly crying. I let my physician know that I was not interested in a higher dose.


At the end of March 2018, I weaned myself off on Celexa; my physician recommended halving the dose for one week then quitting it altogether (which shows his lack of understanding about SSRI withdrawal). To facilitate this process, I began meditating twice a day (I learned TM when I was 15 but never stuck with it) and seeing a therapist.


Off the meds, I'm experiencing frequent episodes of intense rage, profound grief, and guilt over my extreme emotions and inability to tolerate stress, all of which were (to a lesser extent) problems when I was on meds, but now they are often close to unbearable. I'm about to begin a 24-week DBT skills group and hope it works for me; otherwise . . . 

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You’re not alone. I am too. Let’s be sad, anxious and obsessive together while we wait for this all to end

Zoloft 50 mg from April 23, 2015 to August 28th, 2016 (1 year, 4 months).

4 week taper. Last dose on August 28, 2016


Mianserin 30 mg in an attempt to reverse PSSD from September 6th, 2017–around mid November 2017 after a few week taper. Did not fix PSSD


Currently taking: Melatonin and magnesium every night.

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Me three! Just coming out of a window and back into a wave. Always feels worse when the anxiety and fear kicks back in. Feels worse than before. Feeling sad, numb, anxious and thoughts are running a muck! 

But it will ease. Because our bodies can’t continue like that indefinitely. Ride it through. The windows provide that respite you need from the terrible moments. 

Hi! I’m JustCope. 

 Currently tapering off 20mg lexapro. I’m about 10 weeks in and at 5mg- kinda fast I realise- stupidly listened to a GP who spoke to me for 5 mins about stopping lexapro. 🤕

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This is hard and lonely work. 

-Began Zoloft and Wellbutrin prescription 2009. The antidepressants stopped working. Psychiatrists began increasing doses reaching maximum in 2016: 

-200mg Zoloft, 300mg Wellbutrin, 10mg Adderal. (adderal only summer of 2017) 

-Summer/fall 2017 I began to decrease at a rate of 25% every 4 weeks by myself. I ended meds in February 2018.

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