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Tips for tapering reboxetine


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I’m trying to turn reboxetine into liquid can someone please help me where I can find good information to this? I tried to put the whole tablet into warm water but the tablet didn’t all dissolve properly and was still like small sandy parts. 

I understand I need a good pill crusher right? but not sure, anyone know where to buy a good pill crusher? 

Thanks so much. 

Currently suffer extreme CFS, Lyme, adrenal fatigue, bad gut issues, reaction bad to mold basically etc home a lot. Can hardly walk all I get crash easily. 
I’m currently on mirtizapine 1.7mg and Reboxetine 0.4mg. I did a cut on reboxetine on the 19/4/20 around 11%. 
Also taking Ativan since January 2mg. 


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