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Getting past self pity


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Im blown away by Seans insights in this talk .

I understand members wont be in a place to watch this when in acute withdrawl so please be carerful if your not up to watching it and maybe at a later date .

Take care .


If this is the wrong place for this mods then please move .

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this was good. thanks for posting


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17 hours ago, MRothbard said:

this was good. thanks for posting


Your welcome MR ,my nasty critic can still find a way to pull me down but its about perspective .

Take care. 

Alcohol free since February 2015 

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This was amazing, thank you for posting. Something I'm trying to address when not in an acute wave, becoming aware of the choices I still have (anger/pity or acceptance/gratitude). Much appreciated

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PB, when I first stopped drinking I was full of self pity ( still can be ! ) I blamed my drinking on things that happened to me as a child. I thought that anyone would drink in my situation. I had no job , no place to live etc,etc,etc. All as a result of my drinking. Anyway my Mum and  Dad took me back in. I was 31 years old. After a few months I started to look for a job. I thought that I had no chance. I couldn’t get a reference, every job that I ever had , I had been sacked from and I hadn’t worked in years. I went to the job centre and they found a job for me at a Remploy factory. I don’t know if they still exist but it was a place to work for disabled people. I did a lot of the lifting and carrying etc. What an eye opener !!!! People there in wheelchairs, some no arms, some no legs, some terribly disfigured, some had terrible epileptic fits. I’m sure that you get the picture. All of them getting on with their lives , best that they could. Most of them happy and positive , none of them resorting to drink and drugs. Put a lot of things into perspective for me. I had had far less to contend with in my life but I had become an alcoholic. It was the start of me trying to not feel sorry for myself. Not always succeeding but trying. Not wallowing in it which I always had,. I am absolutely convinced it was meant for me to start my sobriety with these people.

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