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Hey guys,


Am I experiencing PSSD, or is it just elevated stress/anxiety?


I'll try to sum up the best I can.


I received very stressful work news last week, felt like I couldn't handle it (have had moderate anxiety my whole life but nothing debilitating). Made a snap decision to see the doctor, got a Cipralex/Lexapro prescription (first time, haven't done therapy or anything). Took 3 doses of 5mg pills last Sat/Sun/Mon, and stopped due to heightened anxiety, mind racing, constipation, insomnia, and no libido/ED. 


I took my last dose 8 days ago now (last Monday), and some symptoms have alleviated (not as jittery, stomach is clearing up), but I'm still extra anxious and nothing's happening sexually. Still getting insomnia too. I don't get any erections throughout the day, and I'll sometimes get one in the morning that abruptly disappears. It's almost like it's non-existent down there, there's just nothing. I'm in a long-term relationship so I'm worried, but do you think this added worry + my original stress could be causing this? 


Let me know, thanks.

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Hi Loach, welcome to SA!  


Please can you put your med history in your signature.  Instructions for creating your signature are here: Please put your withdrawal history in your signature.  You can edit your signature here: edit your signature in Account Settings.


By stopping your Lexapro quickly you may have avoided much worse problems later on.  Instead of SSRIs for stress, some kind of therapy is likely to be a better option.  It can be very empowering to learn good coping skills rather than relying on pills.  Your symptoms should keep improving over time if you stay off ADs, although time frame is unpredictable.  Recovery from PSSD is also unpredictable, but certainly stress and worry could have a negative impact.  We have a PSSD topic here:  PSSD Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction

You might find these topics helpful for dealing with symptoms:

Non-drug techniques to cope with emotional symptoms

Tips to help sleep - so many of us have that awful withdrawal insomnia



2001–2002 paroxetine

2003  citalopram

2004-2008  paroxetine (various failed tapers) 
2008  paroxetine slow taper down to

2016  Aug off paroxetine
2016  citalopram May 20mg  Oct 15mg … slow taper down
2018  citalopram 13 Feb 4.6mg 15 Mar 4.4mg 29 Apr 4.2mg 6 Jul 4.1mg 17 Aug 4.0mg  18 Nov 3.8mg
2019  15 Mar 3.6mg  21 May 3.4mg  26 Dec 3.2mg 

2020  19 Feb 3.0mg 19 Jul 2.9mg 16 Sep 2.8mg 25 Oct 2.7mg 23 Oct 2.6mg 24 Dec 2.5mg

2021   29 Aug 2.4mg   15 Nov 2.3mg

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