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Here I go go again....Getting off Lexapro


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It’s been a while since I’ve been on here, and I frankly I didn’t recall I used this as a resource when I started to suffer from major withdrawal symptoms when I quit lexapro a few years back. (For ease of reference, I’ve included a link to my first post) I didn’t remember much until I started reading through some of the help and support that was provided.


 Anyway, I’m tapering now, and currently am at 1.25mg.  After re-reading a number of topics, I can see my new doc has me on a pretty aggressive taper.  See my sig line.(he had me just quitting after 2.5 but I was too nervous as I’ve tried and failed before.)  Currently, my symptoms are uncomfortable and distressing, but manageable.  


Constantly thinking “I’m just a miserable person, and wondering if this is how I am or is it the med withdrawal?  If this is who I am, maybe I should be on the meds”   My main symptoms seem to be feeling of emptiness, low self confidence, anger, being really critical of myself, and others, no sex drive even though the opportunity is there.  And I Wayyyyy overthink.  I.e-I’m trying to date, meet new people, stay social even though it makes me uncomfortable  (not sure if I should even be doing this??).  I agonize over how to respond via messenger(I’m using a dating app).  Ruminating thoughts-What should I write, did I sound stupid,what does she think of me, why haven’t I heard back, I’m stupid.  I do this with all my relationships, social and professional as well.  I never have a sense that thing are good enough or thinks will be ok.  I’m anxious!


I’m assuming this is worse as a result of tapering??  and on that note, I like to get peoples thoughts on how I should proceed from here with the taper.  Also, I wonder if I’m asking for trouble by putting myself out their dating considering my reaction/ruminating thought process it seems to trigger in me.


2018 Currently 1.25 mg with some “manageable” withdrawal.  6 wks @ 10mg, 6 wks 5mg, 8 wks 2.5mg, been on 1.25 since July 15, 2018.

Current-Hashimotos, 200 mcg levothyroxene daily

April 2018-Clonazepam-completed taper from 1mg over 2 months(.25 every 2 wks)

2009-Feb 2018 Lexapro 20 mg-Quit Lexapro late 2014, Severe withdrawal by day 6 ended up back at original dose within a few months

1995-2011-Self medicated(alcohol)Sober since Oct. 2011

2009-buspirone and Celexa




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