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Bioresonance for withdrawal?


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My mum met a guy today who used to be a medical doctor and now practices with a combination of holistic and medical therapy near me. We did get into a bit of an argument because I've told her that the things that work on regular brains don't always help much in withdrawal. (she's also hyper obsessive about her health and I'm trying to stop looking fir a 'cure', rather letting things heal gradually) 


However, she is very convinced after explaining my issues to him and I said I would post his website here for some feedback. One thing he suggested was bioresonance. If anyone has any experience with this and could let me know what they think I'd really appreciate it. Here's the link: (hope it's ok to post?) https://holisticdoctor.eu


Thank you! 

2008-2013 - Various meds on and off since age 18 incl. Sertraline, Prozac, Mirtazipine, Abilify. Prescribed for severe OCD.

CT'd several times over these years and reinstated after subsequent psych hospitalisations.

2014-2015 - Clomipramine, quetiapine and Epilum

2015-Jan 2017 - Prozac 40mg (stopped contraceptive pill, most stable period of time)

(Beginning of taper) Jan-October 2017 - Tapered Prozac to zero.

15 Jan 2018 - Reinstated Prozac at 2mg due to acute w/d symptoms

February 2018 - tapered to 1.8mg

May 2018 - reinstated at 5mg due to severe w/d symptoms. 9 month hold, stabilized well at around 6/7 months.

March 2019 - Tapered to 4.9mg

Current supplements: fish oils, probiotic, ashwaganda, colostrum powder, cannabis


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