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Inappropriate emotional response?


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Does anyone have inappropriate emotional responses? For example, feel like laughing at something sad, or irritated and angry when the situation doesn't call for it? The emotions and thoughts are very distorted, like being irritated and angry by a joke or the sound of someones voice.


I'm not sure how else to describe this horrible wave I'm having.


I've been experiencing this more and more, and its so scary for me.

I'm not even off the meds yet! 

Anyone else? 

med history: 17 years total

Concerta: 2 yrs - cold turkey, brought on first "depression" 

Short trials of Zoloft and Effexor: 1-3 years - multiple cold turkey's brought on OCD intrusive thoughts for the first time

Lexapro 15-20 mg (16 yrs)  - tried to quit once, cold turkey, worst WD ever, had to go on to 20mg to stop WD

Welbutrin 150mg (8-ish yrs) NO w/d symptoms from CT

Adderall 5-7.5mg (8-10-ish yrs) quit CT, brought on many WD symptoms, but manageable. 


Begin taper March 2018 Currently on 4.4 mg lexapro - down from 20mg


Symptoms depression, horrible intrusive thoughts and urges, new onset PMS/PMDD, constant extreme irritation and anger, visual hallucinations, irrational thinking patterns, panic, nausea, dizzy, intolerance to working out, chemical sensitivities, noise sensitivities, memory issues, heart palps, etc. 

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