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Liz4: about my 86 year old mother


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My 86 yr old mother has been taking doxpin for around 21 days to help sleep after a recent stroke. She is very sensitive to mess. One xanax before surgery in may for a heart stent left her combativ,e, agitated and out of it for about 22 hrs. Recently she complained of dizziness and the next morning brain felt funny and trouble with words. Took her to the hospital and she became agitated, hallucinating . I had them stop the doxepin because she seemed worse after her dosage. 3 days later still out of it. Neuroloiaee not seeing a medical cause. Should I reconsider the doxepin? Are we almost there if this is withdrawal. She has never taken a sleep aid, antidepressant in the past.

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Welcome, Liz.


How much doxepin was she taking? If her nervous system accommodated to the doxepin over 21 days and she went off suddenly, she may well be experiencing some withdrawal symptoms.


Often adding in a tiny amount, even 1mg or less, will reduce the symptoms, then you can taper off that later.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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