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Anxiety, brain structures and omega 3


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Drugs history:

-2002 (1 month):  Zyprexa 10mg

-2008: took an infusion of the cactus San Pedro (mescaline in it), had a bad trip...could not sleep, was totally anxious! PTSD!

-2012: got back my balance, more or less, could sleep, but, my father is in retirement and he's always here and tired, so, the night, he snores a lot and it brings back my trauma of not sleeping... that's why i came to Zyprexa

-2012-2016: Zyprexa 5mg (i tried to take it off many times but i wasn't aware of the protocol, so, i stopped cold turkey different times. then, i started to cut it)

-May 2016: Zyprexa withdrawal started (10% reduction of the initial dose each time, in a liquid solution, but, i started this at 3mg or Zyprexa ; so it was already too quick maybe)

-April 4th 2019: Withdrawal finished (0,0125mg of the molecule)

-April 11th 2019: weird sensations... mental confusion, neck pain, sensation of insanity, everything is weird...

-May 4th 2019: reintroduction of Olanzapine, at 0,20mg per day. I took the afternoon, so, i continue taking it the afternoon, but, i displace the taking from 1 hour each day, to reach sleeping time...

Supplements (per day): vitamin C (1g), vitamin B2 for migraines and photophobia (400mg), rhodiola, vitamin B12 600 micrograms, hawthorn for extrasystoles, magnesium citrate 3g (or magnesium malate 3g), inositol for OCD (18g), omega 3 (3g > EPA 540mg, DHA 360mg), melatonin 1mg, valerian (at sleeping time or when i am anxious) ginkgo biloba, licorice (help with cortisol and stress), sometimes seresta.. (let's be cautious with supplements)

Troubles and disorders: OCD, magical thinking (so a lot of stress in the everyday actions), PTSD-like subsequent sensations, former porn addict (still have a lot of sexual obsession, it is stressful, it's like a sexual addiction in the mind)

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