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About Announcing The Death of a Community Member


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With the greatest sadness, we sometimes hear a member of our community has passed on. If you should hear of the death of a member, please contact a member of the staff via the PM system.


While we understand the desire to post this information immediately, the staff requests that you not post this information in a topic. A staff member will make the appropriate announcement.  


As the site continues to grow, we want to balance our desire to be honest and transparent with our need to provide a safe, supportive community. Because we are sensitive to some of our members being in a vulnerable state, we wish to make a distressing disclosure when staff is available and online to provide extra support. We carefully consider how to convey the message to the membership in the hopes of minimizing the distress associated with such news.


If possible, staff also needs to ascertain and respect the wishes of family members, who may be reading their loved ones' threads or posting on their behalf.


We want to acknowledge the community's loss and grief in a way that allows Surviving Antidepressants to exist as a trauma-informed space, providing as much support as we can during especially troubling news. Thank you.



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