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Quarantine bites


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thank you to Lee Hodges, Store Manager at Lowe’s Home Improvement — from Linked In. I was so pleased to see someone who isn’t clearly in the world of mental health speaking up for folks.

Lee Hodges said:
I’ve seen a lot of nasty posts in regards to people making “non-essential” trips .. Do you ever think maybe that guy buying a gallon of paint knows he must keep busy because idle hands in the past has caused him to relapse and pick up that case of beer ? So he’s using this time to do home improvements, something that keeps his mind busy while feeling a sense of accomplishment, trying to avoid painful triggers while possibly alone ? Or maybe that lady buying bags of soil and seeds, hasn’t struggled with depression and suicide ? How do you know that planting and watching something beautiful grow during this time of darkness , isn’t essential to her and holding on to what little hope she might still have .. We need to remember that it is impossible to know just by looking at a situation from “our” small lens what someone is truly going through or where their mental health is at . Everyone handles chaos and healing through different means , and I know we are all on edge but please stop being so judgmental of others.
– Lee Hodges

someone else posted about how awful people on the subway in NYC were (there wasn’t space to be six feet apart in the photo) it’s likely they don’t have an option. People do what they need to do to survive. we need to stop assuming we know what is best for every human being. Social isolation and distancing can kill some people just like a virus can. We are not all equally equipped with the same resources.

We all sometimes point the finger outward…and , yes…we are all generally doing the best we can and it’s often hard to remember that, it seems.

HOMELESS people have no home to stay in. (for example). We must not assume our privilege is everyone else’s. There are people suffering horribly due to social distancing. We need to consider everyone’s circumstances if we ever want to be healthy as a whole species. Right now we are a long way off from doing anything other than tyranny by majority rule. Democracy ain’t soft and pretty all the time for everyone, if you’ve not noticed.

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