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Antidepressants and brain damage


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This scared the living daylights out of me, as it described my situation. I can't stop crying, let alone sleep.



1995--Prozac--Quit CT by GP

1995--Effexor--Quit per my GP

1996--Amitriphene--Quit CT when changed GP

2005--Citalopram and BusPar. Prescribed when I decompensated in my GP's office. GP referred me to behavior health. Psychiatrist prescibed these drugs. Taken off citalopram in 2011 due to FDA warning. Quit Buspar during transition to viibryd.

Viibryd--2011 to present. Had a severe reaction in March 2012. Advised both GP and Psychiatrist I was trying to get off these drugs.

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This man had an immediate severe adverse reaction to SSRIs. I don't believe that is your situation, ms.


A small number of people are sensitive in this way to serotonergics. These are the people who had bad trips on LSD. Even though they may take only few doses of the SSRI, after quitting these people suffer symptoms similar to what we know as withdrawal syndrome -- more evidence that it's neurological destabilization.


In many ways, other members in our community have had similar symptom patterns.


If these stories disturb you, I suggest you stop looking for bad news, because you will find it.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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In my experience, I find thinking about and doing things unrelated tommy current health crisis is some of the best medicine.


It's hard though. I've had a lot go on and I spend a lot of time looking up stuff, researching.... I definitely get carried away. But it is rational. After what I've been through, both the effects and after effects, I need to have baseline understanding because I can't just follow doctors orders or accept their comments about how mysterious my presentation -- because I have to know something about this since they will not and their prescriptions can injure me.


. But at some point, I find I end up in fear or anxiety or irrationality.


Sometimes, I just need to remember that time tends to sort these things out and relaxing and distracting myself from my symptoms is a frequently useful treatment.

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