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Bkik going off Viibryd and a benzo


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I have been tapering Viibryd and a benzo for many years. Both very slowly about 3% a month. Half way through the taper I double my Viibryd taper to about 6% and didn’t think I was really feeling any different. I believed all my symptoms were from the benzo. Looking back I do see things got a little worse a few months after double taper rate but again I thought it was from the benzo and I am already doing a slow 3% a month taper off it. I would forgot to take the viibryd days at a time and didn’t really feel worse so I thought no big deal. My taper has been pretty bad to begin with but a lot of mental symptoms have gotten better over the years. I deal with extreme fatigue, like in bed most of the day, severe body pain, muscle ache and head pressure. Waking at 4am everyday to hot flash that last about an hour but not really anxiety.

 Got down from 10 mg to 2 or so and was probably only taking the med once a week. I am not for sure but not often at all. But I would continue to taper that once a week dose. Once I continued to get lower I started getting such mental fatigue where I couldn’t think and SI plus worsening of physical symptoms. I read the reinstatement page and followed a reinstatement of a small amount. Went up to 1.5mg and taking it everyday. I felt considerably better but it only lasted a few days and the SI is gone. I still have 18 months to go on my benzo taper and only way symptoms are tolerable and I sleep good is to basically stay in bed all day. I am considering doing a full reinstatement of 10mg Viibryd if it would help get me out of bed to live a little. I hate to throw away a 2 year taper off this but if it will give me some sort of life I will do it and do a very slow taper once recovered from benzo. How do I know if these symptoms are from benzo and would be in bed even with reinstatement of Viibryd ? Any advice would help.

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One of the moderators would be one to ask.  I am in the middle of a hydro taper and trying to stabilize on a Paxil reinstatement.  My nervous system is extremely heightened!!! Sorry, I could not be of more help. 

Meds: Paroxetine, Hydrocodone, k flex, Xanax, Amatriptline, Gabapentin

1998-Apr 2020 Paroxetine 30mg.  04/20 2-week taper off, 0ff 6 weeks -05/20 reinstated 20mg,  Paroxetine - Cymbalta Cross taper attempt 04/20 - 30mg - Cut CT after 6-7 weeks.   Around 06/19 started Paroxetine taper from 30mg by cutting and eyeballing - By 08/19 symptoms started 09/19 - 04/20 = 3 back surgeries thinking symptoms were spine related.  During that time was on and off opiods after each operation, Gabapentin 300 mg daily for about 6-8 weeks, K flex / Flexeril - once before bedtime 04/19 - 05/20, Xanax as needed for past 3 years - stopped 04/20, ( usually twice per week ), Amatriptline 10mg for aprox 6 weeks = off since aprox 02/20.  Currently Tapered all the way down to 1 mg Hydro daily and 20mg Paroxetine - In severe withdrawals. Was taking .5 Hydro 2 times daily.   Spread it out to 3 then 4 times daily to avoid inter dose withdrawal.   Taking .5 hydroo 4 times daily. - 2mg daily.    Spread Paroxetine to twice daily.  10 mg at 7 am and at 3:00 PM for a total of 20 mg daily.  04/13/2021 Paroxetine 10mg twice daily (total 20mg )  7:00 am and 7:00 pm.  10/22/2021 Completely OFF Hydrocodone. 10/2022 - 10mg Parox AM - 9 mg parox PM ( 19mg) 01/06/2023 18mg Paroxetine-9mg am /9 mg Pm 11/2023  - Been dropping 1% every 30 days after extended hold.  Currently at 17.2 mg Paroxetine daily.  



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