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Advice on others withdrawal experiences?


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Came off citalopram 3 months ago had been on anti depressants for about 6 months mixture of citalorpam, then sertraline then citalopram had severe adverse reaction to them. Caused really bad OCD type symptoms with intrusive thoughts. Seem got worse since stopping Please don't advise shouldn't done longer taper the side effects from taking these meds were giving m e almost suicidal thoughts couldn't done long taper. Just wondered others experience of how long before things improved. As i was only on them a short time and on the lowest dose even went down to 5mg with citalopram but still felt awful. 

Jan 2019 -Made to CT zopiclone in Jan 19  after 12 years by GP, caused intrusive thoughts

Oct 2019 - Nov 2019 Tried Citalopram Oct 19 Made hair fall out

Dec 2019 - Jan 2020  Switched to Sertraline Dec19 had severe adverse reaction caused OCD with compulsions

Feb 2020 - June 2020 -Went back to Citalopram Feb 20 awful mental symptoms still

Weaned off April 20 completed stopped in June 20

Been in hell ever since.

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Hi Lemanna  I had my first window about 3mo after stopping and have been in a window for a few days now. Do not give up hope! We are going to have bad periods (waves)but will also have good ones(windows). No one knows the length of the waves or the windows or when they will appear. Try to find comfort in what other SA members have experienced and know that you are not alone. I hope you feel better very soon!

Paxil  07/1997 - 10/1998 Quit CT  

Neurontin, topamax, trazadone,  ssri AD (don't remember which one) 12/1998 - 06/1999 CT everything

Eflexor Xanax  04/2000 -08/2000 CT  ***01/2008-05/2013 on/off lexapro, lamictalseroquelsaphris, pristiq  Start/Stop CT at intervals 

Zoloft 200 mg 07/2013  WD 04/3/20 - 04/8/20 Quit

Seroquel 800 mg 07/2013 2013 *400 mg 07/2019  *** WD 04/15/2020 - 06/19/20 Quit

Ambien 10 mg 07/2013  WD 5 mg 04/29/2020, 2.5 mg 12/24/20, 1.66 mg 01/21/2021, 1.25 mg 02/16/2021 *** 02/22/2021 Quit

Xanax  2 mg prn 07/2013 - 04/23/20 Quit CT

Lamictal 150 mg 07/2013 WD 05/06/20 -06/11/2020 Quit

Propranolol 03/21/2020 - 04/20/2020 Quit CT

Hydroxyzine  12/14/2020 - 12/27/20 Quit

Allegra 24 hr 01/11/21 Flonase Nasal Spray 01/11/21

Magnesium Glycinate 100mg x3 daily D3 5000iu daily 

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