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More thoughts posted on my site: https://beyondmeds.com/2020/11/27/words/

shared below:


Trust your exhaustion. Take a rest. A nap. STOP. It’s okay. It’s good to listen to the body.



Both silence and stillness can be found in all movement and noise as well… silence and stillness are foundational…we need not stop doing anything nor do anything in particular to find them.



I’ve been spending a lot of time in a completely dark closet that is large enough for sleep, meditation and yoga. Ha ha…yeah. I’m in the closet. A lot. It’s very helpful in healing energy boundary issues. I’m learning to feel energy in ways I never knew how to before.


As I listen to the body within that container I can better hear my body and know what I need to do next to heal the ravaged tissues in my face and the blood/brain barrier. Both systems have been wrecked by pharmaceuticals and then infections secondary to the pharma wounding.



When people are psychiatrized and labeled bipolar there is an attempt to force them into a very limited expression of who they truly are. In this circumstance a person is neither grounded nor expanded in ways that allow for full expression. They are muted on both ends of the spectrum.

Healing actually involves more grounding and more expansion both.

Western medicine knows nothing about how to do this. Really, most disciplines all over the world are lacking in understanding this in any effective way for those most seriously affected. Those most seriously affected are sensitives who have suffered great trauma–both in this lifetime and most likely epigenetically too. Trauma is passed on through the generations. These folks are traumatized. Healing is transmuting that trauma.


“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.” – Henry David Thoreau


“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” – Henry David Thoreau


We need to both expand and contract — simultaneously — to hold the whole shebang… it all collapses at that point and duality is held in oneness. Into the earth and out to the sky…



Childhood neglect/abuse of all kinds change the body. This must be appreciated if we ever want to *LOVE* our brothers and sisters.The homeless, the incarcerated, the “mentally ill” are all traumatized and have injured nervous systems. We’re participating in murder when we ignore this.


The biology of it isn’t understood. We have bodies. They get injured – recovery isn’t always possible in the current climate because ordinary people are cruel to those they don’t understand. The most vulnerable are routinely thrown away and, frankly, murdered with society’s blessing.


If it’s not already clear, psych drugs do not heal these injuries-they actually compound them. A system that drugs people instead of listening to them also further traumatizes and does not heal. Our system of “care” is a system of eugenics. Death by neglect…delivered by pharma and supported by just about everyone who trusts the medical system.



***Even if you actually believe people choose their poverty or other unpleasant life experiences there is no reason we can’t help people in bad circumstances. maybe, in fact, it’s actually about you – a test to see if you’re an ass or not.

**we are here to love one another.**



Truth? There is no room for truth in the MYSTERY. Things are the way they are. Observe.



Survival demands focus. Focus or die.




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Everything Matters: Beyond Meds 


withdrawn from a cocktail of 6 psychiatric drugs that included every class of psych drug.

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@GiaK I have been browsing your website today. I am grateful to have found it as it holds all of the information I have been looking for recently regarding all of these crazy hypersensitivities that have hit me since I finally finished tapering my Seroquel after 3 years and 4 months last August. I seem to have developed a really nasty histamine intolerance or sensitivity. Right now I have to wear an N95 any time I leave the house because allergy season is tipping me over the edge. Currently I am having to take Allegra twice daily to keep things at bay. I have drifted into stage 2 anaphylaxis 3 times now and had to use benadryl and oxygen as rescue medications. I am working with an immunologist for some testing for MCAS and a few other things and am going to see a functional nutritionist who specializes in dealing with these sorts of things. I am also using acupuncture. It's been crazy and a bit scary as none of my doctors really know what to do so I am largely dealing with this on my own. My immunologist is not back in the office until May and my next appointment is not until June 7. I have already started a low histamine diet but it has not been enough to calm things in combination with allergy season hence the Allegra twice a day. Just wondering if you have any advice moving forward?

Current Psychiatric Medications

  1. Paxil 10mg daily (a.m.) 2017 - Present
  2. Carbamazepine IR  182 mg twice daily (364mg Daily) 2011 - Present (Currently Tapering)

Past Psychiatric Medications From 1994 to August 2021   Seroquel (in Recovery since August 2021 final dose 6.25mg), Depakote, Lithium, Risperidone, Xanax, Lamotrigene, Olanzapine, Lorazepam, Welbutrin, Trazodone, Oxazepam, Gabapentin, Abilify, Topiramate, Prazosin, Ambien (See Attached Spreadsheet And Seroquel Tapering And WIthdrawal Summary)

Current Non Psychiatric Medications Levothyroxine 88mcg (a.m.)-Vitamin D3 1000 IU (p.m.)-Fexofenadine 180 mg twice daily -Clonidine 0.1 mg (p.m.)-Azelastine / Ipratropium / Nasacort Nasal Spray

Other - Fish Oil Twice Daily-Multi-Vitamin (a.m.)-Vitamin C 1000mg Daily (a.m.)-Saline Nasal Spray-Salsalate 750mg twice daily PRN, Diclofenac Gel on affected joint PRN-Magnesium Citrate 250mg twice daily, Betaine HCL & Digestine Enzymes With Meals

Quitting Seroquel_A Vacation In Hell_Redacted.pdf

Other Documents https://www.survivingantidepressants.org/topic/26099-feralcatman-recovering-from-seroquel/?do=findComment&comment=633907



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