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long haulers, drug senstivity question?


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I'm hoping to connect with others who had a long drug history (mine is over 40yrs and almost every class of psych meds)

I am now over 3 yrs post zero and feel fully recovered 


I seem to be sensitive to caffeine, I can't drink any without it affecting my sleep. I gave up trying to drink coffee, and I don't really miss either.



I am very nervous however because I have surgery in my future.


I need a total knee replacement and possibly foot surgery too.



The last time I took any type of  major pain killer was almost 20 yrs ago, I was on lots of other meds including psych meds at the time.

They gave me oxycodone and I had a paradoxical ? effect, I guess. I don't recall it doing much for the pain, but it kept me wide awake for 3 full days!!


I've had a possible allergic reaction to codeine and or amoxicillin- they aren't sure because I was given both at the same time for I think bronchitis?


I will of course need some sort of pain meds for the knee surgery. I am utterly terrified that there will be nothing that will work or that I will have a bad reaction to whatever they do give me


A lot of the meds used for this surgery are also used as psych meds such as lyrica, cymbalta, neurotin, etc


I have had most of them and had a bad reaction to them.


Is there some way to test out if I will be safe to take these any of the pain medications? I have considerable pain now but have been managing with an occasional aspirin that may or may not do anything. I take a baby aspirin and feel like it helps but that could just be a placebo effect for all I know lol

What do I tell the surgeon?

I'm afraid they'll assume or suspect that I was a drug addict and that's why I am worried about this. I personally do not want any opiods but I have no idea if there  is anything else to take their place


I do not have a high tolerance for pain, quite the opposite


so I'm going to put this surgery off as long as I can but I can't put it off forever, I won't be able to get in and out of my 3rd floor apt and may even end up wheelchair bound.



any insight would be greatly appreciated




Currently taking a break from mentoring but I'll be back 

Please do not tag me unless it is urgent, thank you 😊

  • pysch med history: 1974 @ age 18 to Oct 2017 (approx 43 yrs total) 
  •  Drug list: stelazine, haldol, elavil, lithium, zoloft, celexa, lexapro(doses as high as 40mgs), klonopin, ambien, seroquel(high doses), depakote, zyprexa, lamictal- plus brief trials of dozens of other psych meds over the years
  • started lexapro 2002, dose varied from 20mgs to 40mgs. First attempt to get off it was 2007- WD symptoms were mistaken for "relapse". 
  •  2013 too fast taper down to 5mg but WD forced me back to 20mgs
  •  June of 2105, tapered again too rapidly to 2.5mgs by Dec 2015. Found SA, held at 2.5 mgs til May 2016 when I foolishly "jumped off". felt ok until  Sept, then acute WD hit!!  reinstated at 0.3mgs in Oct. 2106
  • Tapered off to zero by  Oct. 2017 Doing very well. 
  • Nov. 2018 feel 95% healed, age 63 
  • Jan. 2020 feel 100% healed, peaceful and content
  • PRESENT DAYS:  Loving life! ❤️ with all it's ups and downs ;) 
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