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Bruised brain


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Has anyone had a bruised brain feeling? Like it feels like someone stomped on my brain and put it back in my head. ITs just tight and achy. I am not sure if this is a common reaction to an antidepressant or because of my CT of a benzo? The injured brain also causes me to feel depressed and have strange thoughts. 


2000-2002- Was put on Zoloft for OCD thoughts

2006-2008 went on birth control got depressed put on Lexapro ( had a severe adverse reaction to it) doctors put me on multiple different antidepressants which none worked until Zoloft again.

2013-2016- took Zoloft on and off again 

2017-2019- drug free until i got pregnant and had my baby 

Sept 2019-Dec 2019- Zoloft and K 0.5mg as needed. 

Feb 2020- March 2020Took Pristiq for 1 day & tried Celexa for 5 days 

May 2020- for 3 weeks took buspar and felt foggy and depressed. Was told to stop taking it 

End of May 2020- started Zoloft 25 mg and actually felt okay 

June 2020- June 9th I started Zoloft at 50 mg and all hell broke loose ( more extreme anxiety, tinnitus,some DP/DR etc) 

August 1 2020-  NOW :  Zoloft 50mg only 


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