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Unable to truly grasp words/concepts


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It feels like words and concepts have no meaning to them anymore. I can read the word but struggle to remember definitions for them, also it feels like the word isn’t the right word even when it is. I just can’t take this anymore please tell me this goes away, I am just so confused 24/7.


2019-2020 Zoloft 200mg and Wellbutrin 150mg fast tapered off. 
2020  20mg Lexapro for 8 months, tapered to 15mg then 10mg then 5mg then 2.5 and then every other day. Fast tapered off of Lexapro.

-poor cognition-uneasy feeling -burning brain -people startle me -can’t read facial expressions-Brain fog-can’t detect emotion -can’t hear voice intonations -so many more

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This seems like cognitive impairment, brain fog. You should read about that. Have the same. Will get better in waves and windows, just really slowly.


Citalopram augustus 2020 - 20 mg untill 14 february 2021 quit cold turkey. No alcohol use or other medicine. No surgery.  Only adviced supplements and little bit of vitamine D because of defficieny. 

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