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GreenEyes My intro and I need some help and encouragement


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Hi There, for some background I am a 25 year old Female and in Feb of 2020 (I was 24) I was put on Zoloft 50mg for some anxiety and PMDD that I was going through. I was on it for 1 year until Feb 2021 and I started to taper but eventually cut cold turkey after about2 weeks. Around the same time I was going through a tough breakup. 


For the next two months, I was crying every single day thinking this was due to the breakup but I now think that this is due to getting off the meds mixed with the breakup. Fast forward to May 7 2021, I started having extreme panic and depression and I was thinking about stuff that happened to me 10 years prior (sexual assault) I was having these ruminating non stop thoughts that I never ever ever had before and so after working with my psychologist, we concluded that I was going through an adjustment disorder due to the breakup so I was put back on zoloft but this time they upped me quickly to 100mg. I was on 50 for 3 weeks, 75 for 1 week and now 100 for 9 days. 


Getting back on has been HORRIBLE. I started having extreme panic and anxiety and hopelessness the first week feeling like I could not breathe, pins and needles through my whole body, I couldn't sleep, and just overall feeling at an all time low. After looking at forums I saw that this was normal and that i need to give it time to level out but after finding this page, I now know that I was going through WD and not relapsing. 


With that said, I want to go back down to a lower dose as soon as I can. My psych wants me to stay on 100 at least for 14 total days but I want to go back to 75 for at least a month and then back to 50 and then ideally properly taper off from there. 


QUESTION: If I taper off properly, I have a better chance of not having bad withdrawal, right?  


This whole process has been so scary for me I have always been such a fun, outgoing, positive soul and the last few months I have not felt like me AT ALL. I severely regret ever getting on these meds and wish I could go back in time but I know that I cant and that thought process is not helpful. This forum has given me hope that peoples brains do heal with time and I think by using this forum and working with my drs I will get there. 

Started Zoloft 50Mg Feb 2020

Cut cold Turkey Feb 2021 

Restarted Zoloft 50Mg May 7, 2021 for 2 weeks

Upped to 75Mg for 1 week 

Upped to 100Mg for 9 Days 

Going back down to 75Mg tomorrow (6/11/21) 

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Welcome, @GreenEyes


How do you feel having reduced to 75mg?

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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