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SSRIs and the ADHD brain - requesting info/help/support


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Hi, I have been on ADHD and Autistic TikTok for less than 2 weeks and it has already been more helpful than any professionals have in the last 6 years since my ADHD diagnosis. One of the creators I saw mentioned that about 1/3 of ADHDers who take SSRIs experience increased severity of ADHD symptoms, and this is because of the SSRIs. I have Googled this and I found it mentioned in passing in one sentence of a study, but haven't been able to find any further info - the studies and articles put out by psych and medical journals seem to be very good at reassuring the public that these drugs are perfectly "safe". I've definitely found that my ADHD is much more severe than it has ever been, and assumed it was just because I'm getting older (I'm 36 now), but now I'm very suspicious that it was yet another injury from the Sertraline/Zoloft that I was on from age 30 to 35. I also feel like I have had mild brain injury from the drug. Can anyone please help with information or, if you're also neurodiverse and have been on SSRIs, sharing your experiences?

Thanks in advance.

Jan 2020-now - Tranexamic acid and 800mg ibuprofen for heavy periods

2015-2020 - Sertraline (Zoloft) - started at 25mg, went up to 200mg, tapered back down to 75mg, off in August 2020 (don't recall dates)

2015-now - Ritalin on and off as needed

2015 for 6 months - (before Sertraline) a month on Lithium, list of others I can't recall, Quetiapine (period of psych trying me on different drugs to see what would 'work')


Supplements: Probiotics | Magnesium + zinc + B6 | Hemp seed oil (omega-3) | Ferrograd (iron) + vitamin C | Collagen 


Intro topic: lostmysock: Sertraline 5 years, off since August 2020

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Hi... Iam adverse reaction and only took ssris for three days but from the first pill I felt like iam lost or my brain goes away I was Add something like you and after I wuit the drug the psychologist said that I suffer from adhd but I think it was from my childhood and hit directly after the drug... I think our brain is sensitive or something like that I did not know that I had adhd until I took those drugs... Symptoms be like 20% before and 80% after!  But I say that it can be the dp which cause brain fog and lack of all cog functions

15 June ,buspar 5mg 9pm

16 June, cipralex 10mg , buspar 5mg

17 June, cipralex 10mg, buspar 5mg

18 June, cipralex 10mg, buspar 5mg

19 June zero dose

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