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Withdrawal from a benzodiazepine? Journalists seek interviewees


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Our friends at the Benzo Information Coalition are collecting a roster of people who might talk to journalists about their experiences on and off benzos. If you are willing to be interviewed, fill out the form here




BIC says:



As the benzodiazepine problem picks up steam, we are receiving more and more media requests.  Many times these requests are for interviews with victims, both recovered and still suffering.  Should you have interest in being included in a future news segment or article and feel comfortable telling your story we would like to hear from you! The only requirements you must meet include: (1) your story must be one of taken-as-prescribed harm (sorry, but because of our mission/objectives, we typically do not get requests for addiction/abuse stories); and (2) you must not use what we call “addiction terminology” (e.g., words like ‘hooked,’ ‘clean,’ ‘addicted,’ etc.) in your interview with the media, should you be chosen.


To let us know of your interest, we are asking that you submit a brief profile. Journalists that contact us typically are looking for a particular demographic (e.g., male, female, elderly, 20-somethings, etc.) and are on a short deadline. This often leaves us scrambling to find the perfect fit.  Having a “library” of different stories at our fingertips would help immensely.



Currently, BIC is looking for 



person in Missouri who took benzos and/or antidepressants (bonus for both) and had adverse effects and withdrawal for a story for a major media outlet. Note: the journalist is knowledgable/experienced with topic


If you have questions, please contact BIC at bic@benzoinfo.com. Thank you.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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