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kenny171: Tried, but failed...again


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I stopped cold turkey from 37.5 mg. The first few weeks were the usual brain zaps and foggy head, but at about a month and 2 weeks began experiencing severe nausea, stomach pain, chest pain, and back pain. I could not make it any longer as I was exhausted. Began taking Effexor again a few days ago just to make the symptoms stop. Unfortunately, it only diminished the withdrawal symptoms instead of taking them totally away. Still dealing with stomach pain and back pain. The nausea is better, but still there, and I've began experiencing pretty severe anxiety, waves of depression, panic, and weirdly times of numb emotions. Hopefully you'll do just fine, but if you begin to show more severe symptoms of withdrawal, I would wait to reintroduce your medication.


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Hi all. I've been on more meds than I can remember. Currently, I'm off of all of them save Effexor. Ive attempted multiple times to cease taking it, but always wind up unbearably sick. This time I made it a full month and two weeks before reinstating my meds. I semi-tapered, but at 37.5 mg I decided that I had reduced the dose far enough to discontinue. I was wrong. The first few weeks weren't good but weren't horrible either. I had fogginess and brain zaps. Just as those were clearing up and I thought that my journey was coming to it's end, I began to experience severe stomach pain, chest pain, nausea and vomiting. I went to the ER several times only to have all tests return normal. I had an endoscopy that was also clear and am scheduled for a colonoscopy. At this point, I'm fairly certain that my symptoms are the result of Effexor withdrawal. Shortly after these sever symptoms arose, I reinstated my meds and am gradually improving. Im not sure I'll ever be free from this medication. 

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Welcome, @kenny171


Yes, those sound like withdrawal symptoms.


How much Effexor are you taking now? When did you reinstate it? To help us out, follow these instructions Please summarize your drug and withdrawal history in your signature You may need to use a computer to do this.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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