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Neurofeedback, brain mapping, and neurostimulation


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Hi @ThatOneGirlStitch,


I will. My CSN has also calmed down really. It is such a relief. Didnt expect this at all. 

Citalopram augustus 2020 - 20 mg untill 14 february 2021 quit cold turkey. No alcohol use or other medicine. No surgery.  Only adviced supplements and little bit of vitamine D because of defficieny. 

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Very interesting, thanks for letting us know.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has surpassed our humanity." -- Albert Einstein

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Update & Neurofeedback


I haven’t posted here in a while but wanted to give an update. A few months ago I started neurofeedback after it was recommended to me by a close friend. I did the Qeeg which showed my brain to be a mess. The treatment plan seemed clear and we had a direction. After 30 sessions and over $3k, I can say I’ve only seen a noticeable difference in mood, concentration and brain fog. So it DID work. But ever so slightly. I took a break and the results didn’t really stick well. But they said I’d need upwards of 60 sessions. I was hoping it would assist with sleep but it actually did the opposite. It has completely obliterated my sleep and worsened my problems tenfold, and I was already having issues to begin with. 


So I did something drastic- I’ve been fasting the last couple days which enabled me 8-9 hours of sleep, straight. I haven’t had this in years. It was great. But then a session of NFB disrupted that the next day. Fasting also seems to have exacerbated my DPDR. Hopefully that’ll change. It truly seems like there is no help or hope for me. I seem resistant to any treatment whatsoever. 

i also wanted to caution anyone using supplements. I think our bodies are too sensitive right now. Your supplements may be causing some of your symptoms that you mistake for withdrawal symptoms. So you add more supplements. But They can cause insomnia and brain fog. I’m now all natural except for 2 herbs, basic vitamin, fish oil, melatonin and magnesium. My sleep is deeper and longer at times but it’s hard to say really since NFB keeps screwing with it. 

Back to NFB. The benefits I’ve seen (and I have HAVE seen them!) I’m not sure outweigh the negatives (poor sleep). I’m tired of tweaking the protocol and being promised “results in 5 more sessions”. I was hoping it would touch my dpdr but if it can’t even help my sleep and do what it was promised it’d do, I’m starting to lose hope for the dpdr altogether. It truly is the most disturbing symptom of all. I was only on meds for 1.5 years straight in total. But I’ve been this way for 4 years now going on 5. How sad. Well, I’ll figure out what to do, whether I stop NFB or continue and tweak. It’s just a lot of money, and it’s discouraging. But I’ll figure it out. Just wanted to update. Hope everyone is good. Keep going. Hopefully one of us will have success soon. 

NFB pros: 

-better control of moods, thoughts, concepts, words

-no more crying spells or anger fits 

-better concentration  - brain doesn’t drift off easily when someone is talking 

-allowed me to come off of all supplements 



-much worsened sleep (okay falling, impossible to stay asleep) 


current brain post 30 sessions of NFB: 

-seems hyper alert and activated to the world around me (hence the sleep disturbance) 

-still unable to feel and connect to self, others and world around me (dpdr) 

-apathy and anhedonia persist (can’t cry, and even when I do cry, it feels robotic and I feel like I should be crying way more) 

-still poor retention (I ask questions but almost never remember people’s answers) 

-hard to track conversations since I can’t remember the previous 

-hard to build relationships since I can’t track the development of a friendship (best friends feel like strangers I’m meeting for the first time or like characters in an dream) 


that’s all for now. 

January 2020 - August 2020... Zoloft 25 mg

May 2020 - August 2020... Wellbutrin 200 mg

June 2021 - July 2021... Tried Lamotrigine, Vyvanse, Straterra (not all together)

July 2021 - September 2021... Trintellix 

September 2021 - December 2021... Zoloft (25, 50, tapered down)

January 2022... free of all meds 

Poor memory, trying my best with the dates. 

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