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Diagnostic Criteria for Enduring Sexual Dysfunction. Full text free to everyone.


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The full text of the article "Diagnostic criteria for enduring sexual dysfunction after treatment with antidepressants, finasteride and isotretinoin" is now available on RxISK.

We could consider it as a gift, since the 37 authors have not only collaborated in writing it, but also in purchasing it to make it freely available to everyone!

If you can, leave a comment below the Rxisk post :




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10 hours ago, anacleta said:


Quote from the above site:




We noticed that a lack of diagnostic criteria was increasingly being mentioned in the published literature on post-SSRI sexual dysfunction (PSSD). The condition was being described as difficult to diagnose because there was no commonly accepted definition.


At the same time, a number of new websites and online discussions were appearing, many of which seemed to have slightly different interpretations of what is and isn’t PSSD.


Although the condition had already been well characterized in the literature, particularly in relation to the hallmark features of decreased genital and orgasmic sensation, there seemed to be a need for a formal set of criteria. We decided to write a new paper.


RxISK was the first group to publish peer-reviewed literature on persistent sexual dysfunction after the use of isotretinoin, a medication used in the treatment of acne. We have also described commonalities between post-SSRI sexual dysfunction, post-finasteride syndrome and post-retinoid sexual dysfunction. It therefore seemed logical that we should include all three conditions as well as persistent genital arousal disorder which presents with an almost mirror image of genital arousal or irritability rather than numbness.






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