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Goldenmango: Struggling


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Hi all, I’m new to this site. Just looking for some support because I’m feeling really low. I quit Prozac 20 mg cold turkey in April 2021. I know now I should have tapered. I feel foolish, but I didn’t know the serious effects of cold turkey (doctor never mentioned it) and I just wanted to be off the meds. 

I was also on lexapro, Zoloft, and Prozac on and off for 2-3 years previously. 

I have been dealing with vibrating/humming noise in my ears (daily on and off), anhedonia, and brain fog. I don’t experience pleasure like I used to. Alcohol and marijuana aren’t pleasurable. I feel like my emotions are numbed. I used to be able to *feel* music. I no longer feel “good vibes.” Now everything feels the same. I’m not the same anymore.

I can cry and do so pretty easily, which gives me some hope. I feel I have lost a part of my self and a very important part of life. I’m scared I’ll never recover and this will be my life. 


I just want to be able to feel good again. I tell myself over and over I will recover and I will feel better and normal again but I’m scared I won’t. Every day is a battle. I told my doctor and she said I “shouldn’t” still be experiencing withdrawal symptoms since it’s been 8 months. 

I started a probiotic a few weeks ago and it has helped a little with my brain fog. Im thinking about doing a microbiome test next but I need to do more research.

Any advice welcome. 


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Welcome @Goldenmango

I'm glad you found us now at least. You are not alone. I also quit cold turkey (doctor said I could). It took a year for me to feel better again, but I did. It is common that doctors do not understand.

How do you talk to a doctor about tapering and withdrawal?

What is withdrawal syndrome?

Dr. Joseph Glenmullen's withdrawal symptom checklist


When did the vibrating/humming noise start? Is it tinnitus?

Tinnitus -- What does all that noise mean?


As there are common misconceptions about how these drugs work I found this post helpful to understand what is going on:

How Psychiatric Drugs Remodel Your Brain 


When we recover, there are times of feeling OK mixed in with times of feeling bad.  This is called windows and waves.

The Windows and Waves Pattern of Stabilization  


Aside from a high quality fish oil and magnesium, be careful with supplements. Your central nervous system (CNS) has become sensitized from psychiatric drug use and can react unpredictably. Alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and other mind altering substances can make the condition worse.

Important topics about tests, supplements, treatments, diet


Here is our symptoms and self care section, you may find some useful ideas to help manage symptoms as you recover. 

Symptoms and self care topics 

Apathy, anhedonia, emotional numbness, emotional anesthesia


So it’s easy for anyone reading your posts to get a quick overview of your situation we ask members to summarize their medication history in a signature following these instructions:

How to List Drug History in Signature


This is your Introductory topic, where you can ask questions and connect with other members.  We in this forum understand first hand the pain and discomfort you are going through. Please know that the brain is amazing in it's healing abilities. It takes time, but healing can and will happen. 

Please stay in touch and let us know how you are doing.

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These are my opinions based on my own experience and what I have learned, not medical advice.


Drug history

2002-2019 Citalopram/Escitalopram, Lamictal
2019 April Escitalopram, quit at 10mg (withdrawal), Oct Escitalopram 10mg reinstated, quit after a few days (adverse reaction)

2019 Oct Lamictal cut from 200mg to 100mg
2019 Dec Lithium 83x2 mg

2020 Aug-Nov Lamictal tapered to 50 mg

2020 Nov 24 Lithium taper started, 30 Jan off Lithium

2021 15. March-31. May Lamictal tapered to 32.5 mg (holding)

2022 10. Jan started taking 25mg+5mg+2mg+0.5 liquid, 22. Jan went back to taking 25mg+5mg+half 5mg

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just keep holding, after a year you may feel slightly better read some of the guides above

Klonopin Mar 2013 - Feb 2021 - used .000 gram scale to cut pills did very slowly from 2017-2021, had no issues stopping after final dose that was sub .5mg diazepam equivalent (If anyone wants advice for tapering Klonopin with a gram scale, feel free to ask!)

tapered off zyprexa twice over 2 weeks in my 20's, had little issue with that after about 3-4 years of use both times.

Prozac 40MG for 5 years - 2016 - 2021 (Total of 13 years of consecutive use)

(Most recent after last break, been on cumulatively in my life 14 years all times combined, 3 separate on/off occasions, all successful except most recent 3/4)

Recent Issue:  Tapered gradually from 40MG down to 0MG from May 7th - Aug 18th

Felt fine through Oct 5th, slowly started getting depression, panic, and anxiety (Was original thing I was treated for)

Decided to go back on SSRI Nov 1st, reacted very bad to 20mg reinstatement, day 1 was fine, day 2 had ADR. Doctor said to drop dosage.

Took 5mg for 2 weeks, 10mg for 2 weeks, still felt physically sick, could not take 20mg for more than 3 days, looking for advice going forward (ADR)

Not happy about it, but on 1.5mg 3x ativan and temazepam 15mg for sleep

(Was sleeping 2-3 hrs nightly prior to temazepam, was first thing that broke 2-3 hr then wide awake sleep cycle)

Main symptoms: headaches from certain foods and meds, sleep is broken, anxiety and agitation is extremely high, cortisol spike sensitive, bad in morning better at night, panic attacks, concentration is awful, focus is awful, anhedonia is awful, sensitive to light and noise, especially noise, extreme depression, intense bouts of fear, every looks and feels 'scary' at times, stress tolerance extremely low, have bouts of extreme anxiety, and bouts akathesia, and bouts extreme anticipatory anxiety over basic events/tasks. Nervous system is clearly crashed.

No Prozac for 249 days.

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