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dizey: Water Titration Cuts


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I had difficulty using the water titration method when attempting to cut Pregabalin by ten percent and then by five percent at my current 300 mg level. I had  a very high pain level and extreme withdrawal symptoms, as though I had cut much more. 


In restudying the files I can suspect only two problems:


1.) that the water we used to mix the pregabalin was too hot, or

2.) that the caffeine I ingested each day (just one cup) caused the liquified drug to surge inside my body and exacerbate withdrawal symptoms.


In this effort I tried reducing over a period of seven days, and in the end gave up and reverted back to my former dose 300 mg. We read and re - read the instructions and watched the instructional videos available to us many times. I think we did everything right, but our outcomes didn't line up. 


I have gone through many types of withdrawal and can handle it, but that pain level was beyond me. When I posted to our former fb page it was suggested that I make my own powdered form at lowered doses. Don't want to give up on water titration quite yet as so many others have had great success with it. Don't know why I wouldn't.


Thought I'd wait a month, gather as much info as possible, try reducing or eliminating caffeine intake (really hard - I was born in Seattle!) use cooler temp  mixing water and try again. Any other ideas or suggestions?   

FB member DianeS:  my Intro topic

Jan 2018 to Feb 2021 ... Dropped 200 mg Savella and decreased Lyrica 700 mg to Pregabalin 300 mg

Jan 10, 2022 ... Unsuccessful attempt cut Pregabalin 10% using water titration method

Jan 18, 2022 ... Unsuccessful attempt cut Pregabalin 5% water titration, so continuing 300 mg dosage to try again soon, better informed!

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Hi dizey and welcome to SA,


Thank you for creating your drug signature.  Please remember to update it whenever you make a change so that it remains current.


I don't know what information you were getting on the FB group but I will give you the information that we give members here.


This is SA's topic about how to get non standard doses.  See Post #1, towards the bottom it explains how to make your own liquid:




Also see this topic:




SA recommends not tapering again until you are stable, and what we call withdrawal normal / WDnormal:






And Brassmonkey talks more about it here:




40 minutes ago, dizey said:

try reducing or eliminating caffeine intake (really hard - I was born in Seattle!)


Instead of giving up coffee you could transition to decaf.


This is your own Introduction topic which is the best place to ask questions specific to your own situation and journal your progress.  This keeps your history in one place and means you do not have to repeat your story.


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