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Anyone dealing with PTSD related to light sensitivity, time changes and jet lag?


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This is my 3rd year in protracted withdrawal, and while my fight/flight and panic responses have really improved, I still seem to get triggered with momentary anxiety/panic reactions with time changes,  and it takes a day or two to get used to new places, traveling across time zones. 


Prior to mirtazapine withdrawal, it was primarily a combination of  emotional stress and sleep anxiety travelling across time zones that would trigger these panic/fight/flight reactions, and it would pass in a few days.   


Post withdrawal, I find that in general, drastic changes in light, sounds, fabric against skin, smell, etc.  along with sharp changes in temperature and humidity first manifest as physical symptoms, rather than the anxiety triggering physical symptoms.  However, as my physical symptoms subside, I am finding that the panic response is triggered by a change in the overall sensory experience eg.  the brain is used to a certain amount of light, sounds, smells, and touch of fabric,  associated with certain times and activities, and any changes to that routine trigger this response. Fortunately, after the initial reaction, I can quickly recover and function normally, as opposed to being in a panic spiral in the early days of withdrawal. 


I am wondering if it's the unresolved PTSD or the post withdrawal physical symptoms have added GAD to the PTSD.. and what has helped others dealing with similar issues besides just the passing of time.. 





Chronic IBS since 1990

Former smoker (1992- Jun 2017)

Prescribed mirtazapine for sleep in Aug 2017 after IBS flare-up following Nicotine cessation.

Mirtazapine 7.5mg 8/17 to 5/18

Mirtazapine 3.75mg 5/18 to 1/19

Off Mirtazapine since 2/19.

Vit B, Vit D+K2 and Magnesium Glycinate as needed.

On Ayurvedic herbs for GI issues - Guduchi since Jul 2020, Indukantham since Oct 2020

On Ashwagandha 1g since Nov 2020



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