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Hello,  My screen name is GLFH.  I took klonopin, .25 four times a day as prescribed for around 19 years.  Did a gradual (not slow) taper off 1 mg in six months.  Last done was in July 7, 2012.  Still having many withdrawal symptoms.  However, I have been taking 200 mg of trazedone and 150 mg imiprimine during the protracted benzo withdrawal.  For the last month, I have been getting worse and worse.  (Writing this intro is a struggle.)  I had a "benzo-wise" doctor who prescribes the trazadone and imiprimine.  He was very helpful during my taper, but we now have a disagreement.  I'm concerned that the increase in symptoms over the last month is actually trazedone tolerance withdrawal.  My primary care and this "benzo wise" doc do not believe that the trazedone and/or imiprimine can be behind my current, almost disabled condition.  I want to start a VERY slow taper off the trazedone, but will need help as the cog fog is severe at time.  I have a graham scale and the necessary tools to proceed, but feeling like I need a coach to double check myself as I proceed.  I am grateful for having found this site.  I welcome responses.

Klonipin (Clonazepam) 1991-1992 until 2011.  (.25 mg four times a day) Orig complaint: paresthesia.  Diagnosis of GAD.  Kindled many drugs during that time.  Developed tolerance withdrawals in approximately 2010.  Hospitalized in 2011 for unknown illness.  Diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Saw 21 health care professionals: psychiatrists, pain specialists and rheumotologists, neurologists and social workers, etc.  My son figured out that benzo issues might be the cause of these health concerns.  

Benzo withdrawal for 10 years on July 7, 2022. 

Current meds, (taken at bedtime)  Trazadone, 200 mg; imipramine 150 mg, Stool softener 300 mg, 81 mg aspirin



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Welcome to SA. We are a volunteer ran site helping member taper off psychotic medications or have tapered off and are healing.


This is your welcome page where you will receive information, ask questions and meet other members. We ask that each member only have one introduction page so we can keep all your information in one plavce.


First can you please create a signature.


Instructions:  Withdrawal History Signature


We don't suggest more than a 10% a month taper and quite a few members on here go much slower than that.

Why taper by 10% of my dosage?


The slowness of slow tapers


Preparing to taper


Dr. Joseph Glenmullen's withdrawal symptom checklist


Here is some information on how to taper off Trazadone.

Tips for tapering off trazodone (Desyrel)


Here is some information on using a scale to taper and a spreadsheet to calculate your taper schedule.


Using a scale to weigh and measure doses



Help with math for tapering


How to calculate dosages and dilutions? Spreadsheets and calculators


You stated you were having some difficulty speaking with the dr about the tapering? Here is a link that might help.

How do you talk to a doctor about tapering and withdrawal?


We don't suggest a lot of supplements on here except 2. If you want to try one, try it in a small amount and wait a few days before introducing the other.



Omega-3 Fish Oil


After you have read the above links, please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have.







PREVIOUS medications and discontinuations: Have been on medications since 1996. 

 Valium, Gabapentin, Lamictal, Prilosec and Zantac from 2000 to 2015 with a fast taper by a psychiatrist.

 Liquid Lexapro Nov, 2016 to 31-March, 2019 Lexapro free!!! (total Lexapro taper was 4 years-started with pill form)

---CURRENT MEDICATIONS:Supplements:Milk Thistle, Metamucil, Magnesium Citrate, Vitamin D3, Levothyroxine 25mcg, Vitamin C, Krill oil.

Xanax 1mg 3x day June, 2000 to 19-September, 2020 Went from .150 grams (average weight of 1 Xanax) 3x day to .003 grams 3x day. April 1, 2021 went back on 1mg a day. Started tapering May 19, 2023. July 28, 2023-approximately .87mg. Dr. fast tapered me at the end and realized he messed up. Prescribe it again and I am doing "slower than a turtle" taper. Last dose June 24, 2024

19-September, 2020 Xanax free!!! (total Xanax taper was 15-1/2 months-1-June, 2019-19-September, 2020)

I am not a medical professional.

The suggestions I make are based on personal experience.

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